Experience Matters

Since 1983, we have made a commitment to our clients to not only be good, but GREAT. At Team Sports, we give our clients the best in class service in all aspects of their career and life after football. Our reputation is considered one of the best in the business among peers and NFL teams. We are considered one of the top agencies in the country and we are the smallest of that group. Our small size is by design, as we have a hands on personal approach that makes our players part of our family. 

Our training program and athlete development is the best in the business. We are accessible to our clients available 24/7. We are a football minded agency that uses our knowledge of the game and relationships in the league to navigate the complex political climate of the NFL. This knowledge and relationships only come from experience that we have gained over the last 35 years. Ultimately, our clients choose us because we help them make decisions that they can TRUST


At Team Sports our philosophy is in our namesake. We believe in surrounding our clients with an elite TEAM of advisors in all areas of our clients life. It is our belief that YOU WIN AS A TEAM. We work in unison with our clients, their families, financial advisor, accountant, lawyer, mentor, coaches, trainers, doctors, etc. with the common goal of career longegivty, overall health, contract maximization on/off the field, brand exposure, family stability, and a successful life after football. Our TEAM approach creates a family atmosphere where our clients come FIRST and allows for a system of checks and balances with our clients best interest in mind.