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Contract Negotiation

In our 36 year history, Team Sports has done over $1 billion in contracts. Since 1983, we have negotiated contracts for the highest paid Offensive Tackle, Cornerback, and currently the highest paid Nose Tackle in the NFL. At Team Sports, we use our front office relationships, proprietary algorithms, statistical analysis, and customized strategy to maximize our clients earnings during negotiations. We strive to maximize guarantees and value for players as well as favorable language in rookie and veteran contracts.

World ClasS NFL Training

At Team Sports, we offer world class training options to our clients from combine preparation to veteran off-season training. Where you train and how you train is important.  We are the ONLY agency that has a Veteran Player Off-Season training program. We place the right coaches, recovery, rehabilitation, and trainers around our athletes to help them maximize their potential. This approach has allowed our clients to have career longevity in the NFL.

Marketing & Branding

Off the field earnings are extremely important for our clients. Our hybrid marketing approach has generated millions of dollars in marketing and endorsement deals. At Team Sports, we monetize these opportunities through a branding strategy developed and perfected to maximize exposure. We have partnerships with hundreds of brands to provide unique and meaningful opportunities for our clients. Our emphasis on branding creates more opportunities for our clients off the field and prepares them for a successful 2nd career after football. 

NFL Combine & Pro Day Prep

We provide top of the line training and accommodations in preparation for the NFL Combine & Pro Day. At Team Sports, we provide training at the top training facilities in the nation to prepare our athletes for all combine drills. We also provide the best 1-on-1 position specific training with NFL veterans and coaches. Our three-phase approach has proven successful over the last 35 years. In addition to physical training we prepare our athletes mentally for interviews and the Wonderlic test.


At Team Sports you are clients for LIFE! We feel it is our responsibility to help clients during their football career and after. We begin the process of preparing athletes for their life after football during their time in the NFL. From completing undergraduate education to earning masters degrees, Team Sports is there. We also facilitate placement in businesses and industries for each player to intern and develop relationships to further prepare them for their life after football. Through our network and resources available from the NFL and the NFLPA our clients are prepared to take on the rest of their lives.


As a full-service agency we handle ALL of our clients needs. Our concierge services covers anything that a player and his family may need from relocation, vehicle purchase/rental, buying a home, travel planning, event planing, summer camps, and everything in between. We are available 24/7 for all of our players needs.

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